The Salvation Army College For Officer Training At Crestmont
About CFOT - Staff Directory


Major (Dr.) Brian Saunders, Training Principal

Major Gwendolyn Jones, Campus Chaplain

Ms. Celeste Skinner, Executive Secretary

Dr. Duncan Sutton, Director of Institutional Planning and Accreditation

Assistant Training Principal

Major John Brackenbury, Assistant Training Principal

Business Administration

Captain Kelly R. Nolan, Director of Business Administration

Lieutenant John Acosta, Transportation Officer

Captain Catherine Nolan, Finance Officer

Mr. Andrew Brown, Facilities Maintenance Foreman

Ms. Jennifer Chang, Human Resources Generalist

Lt. James E. Combs, Logistics Officer

Ms. Tracy Hata, Administrative Aide

Ms. Amy Kam, Accounting Clerk/Administrative Aide

Ms. Janet Neitzke, Accounting Clerk/Administrative Aide

Ms. Marsha Pratt, Graphic Service Specialist

Ms. Patricia Waide, Receptionist/Mail Clerk

Campus Services

Major Pamilla Brackenbury Director of Campus Services

Captain Ellen Oh, Campus Services Officer

Ms. Linda Mariotti, Administrative Aide

Ms. Debbie Melott, Assistant Director of Campus Services


Major (Dr.) Brian Jones, Director of Curriculum

Lieutenant Nathan Darling, Curriculum Officer

Captain Annalise Francis, Curriculum Officer

Major William Francis, Senior Instructor

Captain David Oh, Curriculum Officer

Ms. Andrea Anaya, Library Assistant

Mr. Ethan Bradley, English Development Specialist/Assistant Museum Curator

Ms. Sheila Chatterjee, Director of Library and Museum Services

Ms. Rosa Romero, Assistant Registrar

Mr. Christian Riesebieter, Worship Arts Director

Ms. Erin Riesebieter, Music Education Director

Ms. Yvette Vigil, Administrative Aide

Family Care Center

Major Joy Groenleer, Family Care Director

Ms. Lois Wambugu, Family Care Center Supervisor

Field Training

Major Nancy Helms, Director of Field Training

Captain Clarissa Ochoa, Field Training Officer

Ms. Susana Duran, Administrative Aide


Captain Neil Navarro, Director of Personnel

Captain Rubina Navarro, Director of Personnel

Captain Lourdes Griffith, Personnel Officer

Captain Cristian Sibaja, Personnel Officer

Captain Rebeca Sibaja, Personnel Officer

Ms. Alicia Cesario, Administrative Aide

Counseling Services

Ms. Julie Sutton, (THQ, Officer Care and development)